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Im a self taught tattoo artist that loves his job.I learned while in prison and now travel the country and world tattooing, I'm blessed. My music is more of a hobby that pays. I did not set out to be a rapper, I just started doing it because I felt no one was rapping about things that I saw as important. My music is mostly about my city, and just basic things that we do or have been thru. I'm not hip hop, I'm not mumble I'm just a fool that rhymes most of the time, that's it. My clothing lines are things that I would want to be able to buy but I saw no one making, so I started doing it. It speaks about my love for El Paso and my estilo. Im basically living my life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it!! thank you for stoping by and hope you enjoy what I have to offer, which is basically fun living!!
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